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  June 21, 2018

About Us

GeoPraxis, Inc. is all about putting the best ideas to work for the most effective use of limited resources.

In Greek "Geo" means Earth and "Praxis" means Action, the exercise of an art, science, skill, or practice. At GeoPraxis, our work enables people and organizations across the planet to better understand and manage their resource use. Understanding how we use resources is the first step to taking control and managing their associated costs and risks.

Relying on the synergy of our market assessment, engineering and information technology skills, we devise practical solutions to the challenges in a world of growing technical complexity and finite resources. We serve the full range of private market, governmental, and non-profit organizations now converging in a deregulating global marketplace. And we package our capabilities in the form of software tools, reports, training seminars, or process improvements that continue to meet our clients needs long after our consulting engagements have ended.

Our Mission

Our mission at GeoPraxis is to combine our expertise in market research, energy information services, and energy programs to devise practical and innovative solutions to the information and decision-making challenges our clients face in a world of growing technical complexity and finite resources. We are dedicated to cutting edge, meaningful work aimed at ensuring that our clients' investments in human, capital and natural resources become fruitful, reciprocal and sustainable.

GeoPraxis is focused in three areas of practice:

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